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    Akiko Nakajima
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    In 2019 Noura-Juku became a foundation!
    In Greek mythology, mankind was always inspired by
    muses, the goddesses of literature and arts. The lyre
    is the symbol of the musical sense of these goddesses
    and emphasizes Noura-Juku as place for inspiration and
    affinity with nature.
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    East Meets West
    The brand new unique theatrical performance,
    the traditional Japanese Noh theater with the expressionistic masterpiece,
    Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg
    Performance only on Youtube!

YouTube Channel: Akiko Nakajima - 中嶋彰子

latest news

2024-02-23White Hands Chorus NIPPON @United Nations

Beethoven 9th Symphony with German sign language (@United Nations Vienna Office)

as a part of an international conference organised by Zero Project (not open to the public)

February 23rd (Friday) 15:40


Conductor: Michal Juraszek

Sign-language Conductor: Erika Colon (WHCN)


Soprano: Ritsuko Chinen

Alto: Ayaka Nakasaka

Tenor: Oscar Oré (Noura Opera Academy)

Baritone: Felix Pacher

4 Sign-language Soloists (Deaf performers) 


1.piano: Kristi Hifzi (MUK)

2.piano: Kosti Deti (MUK)

timpani: Moritz Wiedenmann (MUK)


The white Hands Chorus Nippon 

ProChoro Wien

[Cooperation] Musik und Kunst Privatuniverstät der Stadt Wien, Akiko Nakajima (producer), Noura Opera Foundation

2024-02-03No.1 Nagoya Italian Opera Competition

Online Competition on the 2nd and 3rd March

JURY: Fiorenza Cedolins/ Macri Simone/Akiko Nakajima/Hayato Kamie

Noura Opera Academy AUDITIONS: Die Fledermaus cast, correpetitors and audition-masterclass2024-01-05

The following casts for the Nourajuku Opera-Highlight vol.7 "Die Fledermaus" will be chosen in the auditions in Vienna (February 11, 2024) and Nishikawaguchi near Tokyo (March 31 - April 2, 2024): Simultaneously we are holding the annual Audition Master Class for singers and pianists.

• Adele

• Orlowsky

• Frank

• Eisenstein *Cover only

• Alfred/Blint *Cover only

• Falke *Cover only

Jury and lecturer: Akiko Nakajima (MUK), Daichi Fujiki (countertenor), Mario Steller (der Chor Academy of the Vienna State Opera), Daniel Linton-France (MDW), and AMATI managers.

Application for the auditions in Japan closes on the 14th of February!!

For more details, please visit Noura Opera Academy's homepage.

» https://www.nourajuku.com/

2023-11-26ÖJG Freundschaftskonzert 2023

Date: Sunday, November 26, 2023

Location: Haus der Industrie, Kaisersaal, Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1030 Vienna

Concert start: 8:00 p.m. (doors: 7:15 p.m.)


Risa Matsushima (Sopran)  Maximilian Bell (Bass) 

Familie Gergov: Kei (Violine), Rey (Violoncello), Leo (Klavier) und Rossen (Klavier und Dirigent), Akiko Nakajima (Sopran)

The concert, organised by Prof. Akiko Nakajima, will introduce young Austrian and Japanese musicians who, together with the Vienna Royal Orchestra, will offer you a diverse program. For more information about the program, please see the attached information or use this link.

» https://royal-classic.at/freundschaftskonzert-2023/

2023-10-31Soprano Recital

19. November 2023 14:00

Venue: Kitaakita City Cultural Center Hall, Kitaakita City, Akita Prefecture, Japan

Akiko Nakajima (soprano)

Naoka Furuno (piano)

» https://www.city.kitaakita.akita.jp/news/p16152


"Noura-Juku" - a new pastoral opera academy in Gunma Japan

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